IntelliFront 4.5 graphics load issue

ASI Controls has been made aware of an IntelliFRONT issue which may cause graphics loaded on Safari and Chrome browsers to crash. In most cases, the issue is related to graphics that utilize “canvas” components such as ducts, fan coils, dampers, central plant components or other animated graphics. Users have noted clicking the gear icon to set overrides will not allow the user to make manual changes.

We have been made aware the original patch intended to correct IntelliFront’s graphics load issue was not the correct patch. While the patch did function, it did not include ASI controls colors and the system would not display properly after installation.

Corrected v851 (patch v1735) installer link

Installation instructions

Step 1

Intellifront patch 0

Step 2

IntelliFront Installer screenshot
  • On the installer, type in your superuser password
  • Click next

Step 3

IntelliFront Installer 2

  • Check copy setting from etc. folder
  • Check copy database
  • We recommend leaving the older version in place as well to recommend you always have a working version
  • Click next

Step 4

IntelliFront Installation 3

  • Install  the patch in the appropriate folder IntelliFront 4.5.856 patch
  • Once installed, the service will start automatically. DO NOT LOG IN.
  • Since this patch installs the DEMO site you will need to stop the service and remove the DEMO site from your db. C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelliFront\IntelliFront 4.5.1760\db
  • If you are using the ASI Connector, you will need to bring the asicEXT.pod and asicLibrary.pod files over and place them in C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelliFront\IntelliFront 4.5.1760\lib\fan
  • Restart the service and log in

After logging in

  • Make sure to resave any existing graphics. Resaving existing graphics allows for the new iOS-based logic to redraw the canvas components as images when loaded in a Safari browser.
  • You may need to clear your cache
  • Be sure to check Windows defender to ensure your inbound rules have not been affected


If you have any questions, please contact technical support at


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