Introducing ASI IntelliFront

  • The most current tagging and data modeling protocols- working in conjunction with ASI Controls hardware and sensors, and powered by our exclusive [IN]™ technology – makes the process of engineering and deploying powerful front-end solutions incredibly fast and easy.
  • The user interface is designed specifically to provide a seamless experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop environments – eliminating a need to create mobile-friendly version of screens and cutting out the hours of programming required for less-advanced systems.
  • The latest industry and commercial protocols – such as Haystack and REST – means IntelliFront is ready for today’s Edge, cloud and IoT applications, as well as future developments.
  • Easy connectivity with your legacy ASI hardware, existing BACnet devices, and other BAS applications and protocols eliminates the time and expense of engineering and installing a whole new system.
  • Unprecedented solution customization, thanks to IntelliFront’s flexible architecture, provides options for a wide variety of applications and needs.
  • Robust, intuitive, and easily accessible onboard troubleshooting assistance for support and maintenance personnel.


ASI Products Driven by [IN]TM Technology

ASI Controls puts the power, convenience and flexibility of cutting-edge technology into the hands of our customers with our exclusive Intelligent Networking—or [IN]— series of applications. The value of [IN] technology lies in its ability to decrease both the time and expense required to engineer customer-facing building automation solutions, energy management, and HVAC applications.

So how can [IN] offer such valuable advantages? In developing this technology, we’ve drawn together the best of today’s computing tools and processes, such as:

  • Tagging
  • Data modeling
  • Advanced networking protocols
  • Fluid integration with industry devices.

As a result, [IN] technology delivers high-value solutions that are quick and easy to implement. Our [IN]-powered products are fully BACnet ready. However, you’ll find that [IN] products provide the best overall user experience when they are paired with ASI Controls hardware and sensors, which are specially designed to take the fullest advantage of intelligent networking capabilities.

Look for [IN] technology in a variety of ASI products, including our groundbreaking IntelliFront controller.


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