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ASI Controls knows that one of the best ways to achieve success, is by being committed to helping our resale partners grow their business through improved ASI brand recognition within the industry, and finding new ways to help our partners market their brands as well.

We believe in strong partnerships equally committed to helping each other succeed. We know that marketing controls often means not only working to ensure clients have confidence in your company, but confidence in the products you sell and support.

We believe while other manufacturers build limitations into their direct digital control products, we design and build ours to be reliable and functional for years to come. We believe true value comes not in forcing our clients to purchase new devices every few years but in creating a product that provides such superior performance that they will seek us out for future projects.

ASI Controls helps you keep your total cost of ownership (TCO) in line in three ways: 1. A Commitment to Backward Compatibility 2. Industry-Leading Interoperability 3. Future Compatibility

We care because our company was founded on the concepts of pioneering innovation, industry leading, and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure our clients have the information, education and resources they need to excel. Just like you, we care about our name and our reputation.

If you’re an engineer who takes pride in your work and you’re serious about your commitment to create a building control system that outperforms and outlasts other systems, ASI Controls is the partner for you.

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